A Truly Fresh Perspective

The citizens of Wheaton can choose whether they want a truly fresh perspective on City Council, not a candidate who is part of, has been associated with, or has been appointed by the current City Council.  I am that independent voice for the working families and individuals of the City of Wheaton.  I respectfully request that you vote for me (third name listed on the ballot) for City Council on Tuesday, April 7th. #FamilyFirst #Wheaton

A Truly Fresh Perspective

2 thoughts on “A Truly Fresh Perspective

  1. Dan says:

    It’s a day before the election, so I’m not sure you (or any potential voters) will see this in time to respond, but I’m still curious so I’ll ask.

    On a flyer that was handed to me at the Wheaton train station this morning you claim to be both “a champion for lower taxes and less spending” and (on the other side of the flyer) “[focused on] public safety and infrastructure.” Could you explain how you have a focus on infrastructure while also a desire to cut taxes and spend less? Can you give some examples of infrastructure in Wheaton that you are focused on, but also that do not require the city to spend any money? Or perhaps you plan to take money from other areas to spend on infrastructure, in which case, what parts of the budget would you be taking from in order to improve infrastructure? Thank you!


    1. Yes, I oppose raising taxes, and favor limited spending so as to preserve essential City services and protect taxpayers’ property interests. It’s a matter of priorities. If Wheaton is not receiving $2.6M from the State, then the City needs to tighten its belts, too. Alternatively, we can generate revenue by expanding our existing business tax base by attracting successful, family-friendly retailers to set up shop in Wheaton. I’d emphasize such infrastructure projects as repairing sewer pipes to prevent flooding of residents’ homes throughout the City, and maintain proper fire and police protection. We can also cut down on spending, and eliminate or defer certain items, such as painting “Wheaton” on the Manchester water tower, or putting off a new ladder fire truck for at least another year if the current one is working fine. Also, I would vote against building a permanent French Market, as it will only prejudice brink-and-mortar Wheaton businesses, and giving $40K+ to the Downtown Wheaton Association (“DWA”). I would support the DWA, but in these tough times I don’t think taxpayers should support it financially this year. The City still has to spend money, but I would do my part to make sure it does so carefully and responsibly. I appreciate your inquiry.


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